Self-owned Dairy Farms
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Catering Channel

We are devoted to provide high-quality milk products and professional service for customers in the catering channel and we have built up a professional and stable B2B sales network since incorporation. We spare no effort to produce the best possible product and service, stick to high industry standards and make no compromise to quality.

UHT Milk ESL Milk Yogurt

Full Control of the Supply Chain

Providing Safe and High-quality Milk


Raw milk is sourced from our self-owned dairy farms only.
It takes a very short time from milking to storage through automatic milking process.

Raw Milk Quality Control

Strict quality control on aerobic plate count, somatic count, antibiotic, etc. to ensure high quality of the raw milk.

Milk Homogenization

Smash the fat in milk to make it dissolved fully with protein so as to prevent the fat from being coagulated and to improve absorption of nutrition.

Milk Sterilization

Sterilize the raw milk at certain temperature to kill the bacteria while retaining as much nutrition as possible.

Milk Filling

Filling of the raw milk is processed automatically in the sterile environment.

Finished Products Quality Control

Strict quality control over the production of finished products at various stages.

AustAsia UHT Flavor Yogurt

Product type: UHT Flavor Yogurt

Capacity: 200g

Specification: 200gx12 packs, 200gx24 packs, 200gx48 packs

Shelf life: 6 months